Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Free backup & disaster recovery seminar download!

We just recently held a seminar on August 27th entitled "7 Precautions and Critical Systems Every Sacramento Small Business Must Have In Place NOW to Guarantee a Fast, Easy, and Economical Recovery of Their Data in the Event of a Disaster"

We had a fantastic response & turnout to the teleseminar & wanted to post it online for others to gain the same information!

Download this 58 minute teleseminar free NOW at www.cmitsaccentral.com/telseminar (just click download file from www.filedropper.com on the next page or email us at SacCentral@cmitsolutions.com to request a free cd of the seminar).

This teleseminar, presented by nationally recognized technology experts Jeff Johnson and Robin Robins, will show you how to put a safe, inexpensive system in place NOW so you can have complete peace of mind that you are ready no matter what might happen!

In this 1 hour teleseminar, you'll learn...

  • * A simple explanation of the various options for backing up your data; you'll discover which ones are essential to get you back up & running fast and which ones are unnecessary (and expensive) bells and whistles.
  • * The only way to know for sure that you CAN quickly recover 100% of your data in the event of a disaster; ignore this critical step and you're playing Russian Roulette with your company's data.
  • * How to get your company up & running in the shortest time possible; Jeff will reveal what most backup providers don't want you to know about their backup system that could have you down for days -- possibly weeks -- trying to restore your data.
  • * What you should DEMAND from your off site backup company; if your current provider can't say "YES!" to these 5 key questions... DON'T trust them with your data!
  • * How to completely automate your backup system so that you can say goodbye to the hassle of tape rotation, tape or hard drive storage, and the liability of human error

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