Monday, December 29, 2008

New CMIT website unveiled this week

Take a look at our new & updated website. We haven't finalized everything, but it's live on the web now! :-)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Look for CMIT soon in the Sacramento Bee...

Just got word that a good sized article about CMIT Solutions of Sacramento is supposed to be in the Sacramento Bee ( before the end of the year. Updated 1/2/09... look for the article this weekend... we have inside knowledge that it's supposed to be there. I'll post a link to the article once it's up.

Processor Magazine article with quotes from Jeff Johnson

Check out this article from Processor Magazine ( that Jeff was just quoted in.

To sum up Jeff's points in the article, the trend that we're seeing recently is that many mid sized small businesses (20-100 employees) that recently had the LUXURY of having an IT Manager or IT Staff in house are now looking to outsource to IT Service providers such as CMIT Solutions that can do the same work, and do it better & more efficiently than a staff employee at significant discounts (50%+) than what it would cost to pay an internal IT employee to do the work. That's a savings of nearly $50K for most companies that can go straight to the bottom line profits of the business. In this current economy, that much money could mean the difference between profits & losses for many companies...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

If Disaster Strikes, How Fast Could Your Company Be Back Up & Running?

You hear it all the time from us—back up your data, keep your virus protection current, and install and maintain a firewall to protect yourself from hackers and other online threats.
However, while these precautions will certainly help you avoid problems, they CAN’T do anything if you don’t have a good backup and disaster recovery plan in place.
Are You A Sitting Duck?

We all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; yet, disaster recovery planning often takes a distant second to the daily deadlines and pressures of running a business.
That means that most businesses, including your own, may end up offline and without your data after a simple lightening storm.
Don’t think that could ever happen to you? Consider this: “data-erasing disasters” can also take the form of office fires and broken water pipes, not just earthquakes, floods and tornadoes. If a fire started in your building, the parts that weren’t burned beyond recovery would probably be destroyed by the firemen’s efforts. But even more common is software corruption, hardware failures and human error!

Disaster Recovery Questions You Need To Answer

A disaster recovery plan doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Start by asking yourself the following questions...

1.) Do you back up your company’s data daily to both an onsite and offsite location?
2.) Are you absolutely certain that your backup copy is valid, complete and not corrupt? How do you know for sure?
3.) If disaster strikes, HOW would you get your data back, and how long would it take? In many cases it takes days and often weeks; what would you do during that
period of time?
4.) Do you have copies of all the software licenses and discs in a safe location that could be accessed in the event of having to rebuild your server?
5.) Would you and your employees have a way to access your network remotely if you couldn't get to the office?
6.) Do you store important passwords in a secure place that company officers can access if you are unavailable?
7.) Do you have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device in place to keep your network and other critical data operations running during a power outage?

This is NOT a complete list, but it is a good start to get you thinking in the right direction.

Our FREE Disaster Recovery Plan Helps You Prepare

Since it’s almost the New Year, we’ve decided to help our clients get their “IT house” in order by giving away a FREE Backup and Disaster Recovery Audit. At no charge or obligation, we’ll come to your office, review your current plan (or lack of one!) and provide a simple action plan on what you need to do to make sure your business can always be up and running.
But take note! We can only make this available to our clients and friends during the months of December and January; after that, the fee for this consultation will be $395. For more information, please contact our office at 916-984-6243 and ask for Thor, or e-mail us at

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Give Your Business a Holiday Gift...

Save on Taxes, Computer Equipment, and Support… But You Have To Act Fast!

It may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t -- let me explain.

Thanks to a little publicized break in the 2008 tax stimulus package, the ceiling for deductions against large vehicles, furniture, computer equipment, etc. in a single year is $250,000. The amount was raised from the scheduled $128,000 for 2008 and is likely to be reduced in 2009.

Keep in mind that to qualify, the equipment must be purchased and expensed in 2008. Take a little peek inside any office furniture or equipment store between Christmas and New Year's Day and chances are you'll see lots of buyers racking up some year-end deductions!

But There Are Other Ways to Save Money

Most IT vendors and manufacturers offer really incredible rebates and discounts on equipment towards the end of the year in a last ditch effort to improve annual sales. After all, they gotta look good to their investors!

So if you are going to need a network upgrade in the near future, you can not only get better deals on software and equipment, but you can also get the tax savings making this a double dip on saving money.

But Here’s How I’m Going To “Sweeten The Pot” And Help You Save Even MORE Money…

In the spirit of saving you money, I’ve decided to “sweeten the pot” and make the following offer to anyone who hires us to upgrade their network before December 31, 2008:

We will give away 3 FULL MONTHS of our Marathon Ultra service plan -- up to a $3,000 value – absolutely FREE to anyone who upgrades their network with us. All computer networks need regular ongoing maintenance to keep them running problem free, and with our Marathon Ultra services plan, you’ll not only enjoy faster and more reliable service from your computer network, but you’ll gain incredible peace of mind knowing that your network and the data it holds is safe from loss, corruption, downtime, viruses, hackers, spyware, and a host of other problems.

There's More...

We’ll allow you to continue the [managed services plan] at a special discounted rate that will easily save you THOUSANDS in IT support. After the 3 months are up, you can continue to receive regular maintenance, critical updates and security patches, fast, remote support, and 24-7 watch over your network and data at a special discounted rate. Of course, you are under no obligation to continue this maintenance, but I’m certain you are going to want to continue after you see how we keep things running.

We’ll send you a FREE copy of the book, “Keep Your Hard-Earned Money; Tax Savings For The Self-Employed” as a gift. This is a great book for any entrepreneur to read on how to keep Uncle Sam’s hands out of your pockets. After all, no one wants to hand over a penny more to the government than is absolutely necessary and no one wants to pay MORE for services and products than they have to. We all work way too hard for that!

That’s why I’m making this offer to you. As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand that it’s critical to keep every penny of profit that you can.

This Is Absolutely The BEST Way To Save A Lot Of Money On IT Services And Support For 2009; But You Better Act NOW Because This Is Going To Go FAST…

All you have to do is contact us by phone at 916-984-6243 or so we can schedule a time to discuss exactly what type of upgrades and support you will need for 2009.

Remember, we don’t have to do the actual installation in December, but you must spend the money before December 31st or the IRS won’t give you the deduction and you’ll be back to paying full price for equipment and support! There is also no obligation. If you decide not to upgrade or use our services, you may keep the book, “Keep Your Hard-Earned Money; Tax Savings For The Self-Employed” as our gift, for taking the time to speak with us. Don’t delay; contact us today.

The ultimate small business backup solution?

We've been busting our butts the last 6 months trying to get the word out to anyone and everyone that will listen about the the best backup & disaster recovery solution available for small & medium sized businesses.

Our BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) solution combines the following 3 functions into 1 coordinated package:
  • Full server imaging... no more single file backups... we image the entire server
  • Remote offsite backups at a secure data center
  • A redundant virtual server that can take over at almost a moment's notice if your server goes down or if you have a disaster at the office.

Check out the audio of this recent teleseminar that we did in October that talks more about Backup & Disaster Recovery planning for small businesses: There's currently no registration required in order to download the audio (but that will soon change... just so we know who's checking it out).