Monday, August 17, 2009

Is paper organization a problem in your office?

The summer is almost over (at least for my purposes)! The kids are going back to school and none too soon. We were given lists by the respective (2nd grade and Kindergarten) teachers for the basics that are needed as well as what to expect for the year. We are working to organize those necessities to put our kids in the position to succeed with the least amount of stress as possible.

Organization of files (paper or electronic) is certainly a challenge for many of us and understanding how you want to find the documents is a task to be undertaken (ideally) before you start throwing the papers into the binder, filing cabinets or electronic folders. Earlier this summer I cleaned out an entire four drawer filing cabinet of papers, statements, receipts and such in my home office. I freed up floor space that now I can decide to fill or keep open. What a relief to have streamlined my document organization. And now, CMIT Solutions of Sacramento can work with businesses in this arena of electronic document management!

I am proud and excited to announce that CMIT Solutions of Sacramento now provides for our clients an eco-friendly paperless solution that helps to streamline paper processes, improve organization and last but not least, increase productivity.

Doing the Math - Ask yourself the following questions:
• On an annual basis, how much is spent on office supplies that allow you to print documents, file documents and store documents? Hint: computer paper for printing, toner cartridges and maintenance of your printer(s), postage to mail documents, filing cabinets and so on.
• If you were to measure the amount of square footage used for filing cabinets and storing of office supplies needed for documentation, how much square footage would that be and what is the dollar value of that office space?
• Is your firm required - due to the nature of your business - to comply with such governmental regulations set by the SEC, FINRA or HIPAA?

Electronic document management (EDM) is becoming more and more important (and required in some instances) to our clients. Paper is the biggest obstacle businesses encounter in reducing costs, improving service and increasing productivity. Companies around the world have realized that manual and paper-based processes for managing mission critical documents are inefficient and expensive.

EDM is the medium of today for developing eco-friendly, cost effective and efficient workflow.
EDM delivers a smart, flexible and easily integrated solution to proactively capture, manage and protect your valuable business data.

Look for more to come on how eFileCabinet works and for all different industries. Contact Thor at (916) 984-6243 or by emai @ l if your interest has been piqued by this new solution that may be a solution for your company.

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