Saturday, October 17, 2009

4 Do's & Don'ts Every Business Owner Should Know About Windows 7

Windows 7, Microsoft’s new operating system, just released in October, and with all the
advertising buzz that Microsoft has created, many business owners are looking to know
more about it. Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts for helping to determine whether or not a
Windows 7 upgrade makes sense for you.

DO – Find out if all your software programs will be compatible.
Anytime Microsoft creates a new operating system, software companies often scramble to
make their package work properly with it so there are no errors, glitches, or data corruption
(a.k.a “your information deleted”). Some software companies are faster and better at
this than others, so be sure to check with your software manufacturer to make sure you
won’t end up with more problems than when you started.

DON’T – Hold back from getting the new computers you need.
Maybe you want to wait until Windows 7 gets any bugs out. Or, maybe it’s because you’re
worried about buying a computer now that will be considered “old” when Windows 7 is
officially released. Good news is: you don’t have to wait. For a limited time, when you buy
from Microsoft-approved vendors, your new computer purchase will come with the ability
to upgrade to Windows 7 for free, giving you the flexibility to have the upgrade option now
and install it when you choose. Also, if you participate in Microsoft’s “Software Assurance”
program for your operating system, you’ll be entitled to the new version for free as well.

DO – Know how to “shake” it.
Have you ever had a bunch of windows open on your
computer and felt like it was out of control and you
couldn’t find anything? Then Windows 7 might be for you.
Because it is designed to really save time for people who work
on multiple documents, spreadsheets, and/or web pages at
once, it solves this problem by allow you to simply vigorously
shake your mouse and make all those open Windows drop
to the bottom of the screen and clear up your workspace. In
addition to the “shake” feature, Windows 7 also make it easier
to view and use two programs side-by-side with just one click.

DON’T – Expect miracles.
Windows 7 does indeed make using your computer faster, since
many of the features Microsoft has rolled out help business owners
and their teams work on multiple things at once easier
than ever before. Initial studies are showing that it might add
1-2 hours of productivity to your week over previous versions.
But if you expect Windows 7 to actually do the work for you, you may
be disappointed.

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